Who am I

My tech skill sets

  • CyberSecurity
  • Python Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Tech Support

Highly motivated professional developer with certifications. Involved in AFJROTC for four years and demonstrated leadership skillsleading the CyberPatriot team to second and third place in state. Multiple years of experience in programming and software development freelancing and working with other companies. Junior System Administrator with experience working on multiple machines and operating systems. Interned with Academy District 20 summer 2021 with hands-on experience fixing, setting up, and problem-solving office machines. Dedicated worker that wantsto exceed client expectations and ensure excellent customersatisfaction.

Python Developer

I have been programing since 2018, I have created multiple discord bots for individuals and clients. I have learned how to program in cybersecurity as well as networking. I also make automated programs to do day to day tasks a lot more easier.

  • Discord Bot Development
  • Application Development and Automation
  • WebScraping and Data collection.


I am a student at a college studying cybersecurity. During my highschool carrer I have participated in an AirForce Accosiaction CyberPatriot club/team where we are given operating system images with multiple wide range vulnerabilities, and are taught and demostrated how to propperly secure a host on a network. I have also attended a cybersecurity bootcamp during the summer of 2019 and have successfully completed as well as competed in a cybersecurity course and competition.

  • Defend and secure computer systems
  • Configure and maintain application services for security
  • Competed and have done multiple CTFs (Capture The Flag) in both blue teaming and red teaming
  • Participated in CyberPatriot and have completed a bootcamp

System Administrator

I have been around computers for a while now from windows to macOS to Linux. I have the ability to customize and maintain as well as update policies on different hosts.

  • Keeping Systems up to date
  • Acitivating and applying firewall rules and configurations
  • customizing and configuring group and user policies
  • analyzing and debugging computer logs and error codes

Technical IT Support

I have been in a tech support/customer service area for 4 years. I have worked in two different server hosting companies. I was the Support Operations manager for PloxHost making sure all tickets were getting resolved as well as making sure our staff didnt have any questions and were keeping up with everything going on.

  • Support Operations: Completed tickets and deciding on ticket escalation
  • Helpped maintain and fix any server issues in a Pterodactyl panel
  • Resolving IP and network issues as well as Java debugging.
  • Configuring and Fixing config files for java JRE programs


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